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Considering how expensive it is to live in New York City, it is also the most densely populated city in the United States. In a 2013 survey, the average size of a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan is 750 square feet and it costs around $2,700 per month. Despite the high cost and smaller living space, a lot of New Yorkers still manage to share their home with their pets.

Not to mention the time and effort one puts in to care for their pets. Dogs have to be walked an average of twice a day. Cats are easier to care for than a dog, but they still have basic needs of food, water, litter pan, a scratching post, toys and some attention. Cleaning a hamster cage or an aquarium also takes time and has to be done on a regular basis.

It is estimated that one out of three households in New York City, has at least one pet. This site brings focus to some of these adorable animals and also pay tribute to the New Yorkers who take care of them everyday.

The city is busy, noisy, overcrowded and fast moving — you might think that there is no time to look after a pet. But if you pause for a moment, you will see that NYC loves pets.

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About The Site Blogger

My name is Roderick and I started this site because it combines four things that I love:
Web Development, Photography, New York City and Animals.

I have been doing web development and design for over 12 years. I've been lucky to make a living out of something I really like. It can be tough sometimes, trying to catch up with technology. But it keeps me on my toes.

Photography has been an on and off hobby of mine for many years. But it's only within the last three years that I have become passionate about it. My preferred subjects are cityscapes, still-life and portraits. I need to practice more on moving subjects though. Here is a compilation of my favorite pictures on Flickr. As I have explored photography further, it also rekindled my love for New York City, the city which has been my home for 15 years.

When I was growing up, our family had three dogs: a German shepherd (Homer), a Japanese spitz (Jappy) and a Shih Tzu (pizza). We also had a mynah bird that I taught how to curse. Apart from the family pets, I had white mice, a hamster, a rabbit, a guinea pig and two aquariums with a number of fresh water fishes. My bedroom was like a petting zoo. But since I moved to NYC, I either had an apartment that was too small or the landlords do not allow cats or dogs in the building. I do have pet guinea pigs now though. A child's pet? That does not reflect the level of responsibility I am capable of, or does it?

While I do want a dog someday, this blog will have to do for now. So far, I have met a lot of interesting people and their pets. They have sweet, funny and touching stories to tell.

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