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Birdie is On Par With The Nicest Dogs in NYC

More Photos of Birdie:

While getting out of the dog park, I asked Nicole if I could interview her about her dog companion Birdie.

Why did you call her Birdie?

'Cause my husband and I are golfers. If we were going to a get boy, we'd name him Bogey. But a Birdie is better anyway.

Then Birdie walked gently close to me to say hi and then slumped in front of me.

So what's her personality like?

This. She's very calm, very friendly, gets along with everyone. She's a good girl.

At this point I was petting her and she laid her head on my knee. 

Any other characteristics?

We feel like we got super lucky, 'cause she's not super hyper. She loves skateboarders. When all the other dogs go nuts.

Then a skateboarder went by and Birdie watched him intently and curiously.

Why did you get a dog, if I may ask?

I've always wanted a dog. My mother was allergic so I could never have one.

Is she your first dog as an an adult?

Yes, she is. I came across her picture online, and I literally was like "That's my dog!". We didn't have a big plan to get one. We had talked about it for a while, but it's such a big commitment. But as soon as I saw her, I know.

These golfers got an ace when it comes to gaining a new family member. Birdie is on par with the nicest dogs in NYC!



Name: Birdie
Breed: Golden Retriever And English Retriever Mix
Age: 1 Year old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Financial District

Date Posted:  

November 13, 2014

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