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I Celebrate My Birthday The Same Day As My Brother's

More Photos of Maginoo / Gino:

Guest Pet from Oakland, CA.

Where did you get Gino?

We got him from the Annual Bay Area Pet Fair in 2012. There was a booth for an animal rescue group called DPS Rescue and they were kind enough to let us foster Gino before we decide to adopt him.

How did you know that he/she was the right pet for you?

We were looking for another small dog so that our first dog Dax would have a sibling to play with and keep him company. We were originally thinking of adopting a sister for Dax but the dog we were looking at already got adopted when we got to the fair. We saw Gino lying in the crate, took him for a walk and we got to know him better during the one week we were given to foster him.

What’s his personality like?

Gino is a very sweet dog. He is a total lap dog and he is very protective of his younger brother Dax.

Do you have a story about him that you want to tell?

Well, I just want to say Gino has adjusted very well to his new environment. When we first fostered him, the vet said he was 5 lbs underweight and he wouldn't eat for 2 days.

A friend of mine volunteers for an animal shelter in San Francisco and she gave me some food that they themselves cook for shelter dogs. He ate a whole bowl of it and he's never been shy about eating since. After having him for 2 years, he is now a little on the chubby side but his sweet disposition has never changed.

Name: Maginoo / Gino
Breed: Poodle and Cairn Terrier Mix
Age: 4.5 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Piedmont
Oakland, CA

Date Posted:  

December 15, 2014

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