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Henry and Eloise At The Park

More Photos of Eloise and Henry:

While walking south at Lincoln Park, I saw a girl with her two cute puppies enjoying the nice sunny day. I approached her and learned that her name was Greer with her French bulldogs. She was kind to answer my questions:

Who was your first dog?

This is Eloise. (referring to the black puppy)

How old is she?

She'll be a year in May.

Where'd you get her?

Pocket Puppies on Clark. It's a puppy boutique, they specialize in little dogs

What's their personality like?

She's pretty energetic, alert, kinda mischievous. And he's just lazy and laid-back.

What's his name again?
(pointing to the white puppy)


Why did you name them as such?

Elouise, like Eloise in the Plaza - that show. And Henry, I just like that name.


And how old is Henry?

He was born November 26. He is four months.

And did you get him from the same place?

No, we got him from a breeder. Actually, the same breeder where Lady Gaga got her dog. Kinda up north, near Gurnee. They are a little different, he's a little chunkier.

And with that, I thanked her and handed her a NYCLovesPets card.  After walking a few yards away, she added, "And they are both stubborn!".  I looked back and saw that she was struggling to get them to go home.


Name: Eloise and Henry
Breed: French Bulldog
Age: 10 Months Old and 4 Months Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Lincoln Park
Chicago, IL

Date Posted:  

April 1, 2015

NYC Loves Pets



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