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Oso Was On TV!

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More Photos of Oso:

Another great day in NYC when I met Joe and his dog Oso at Pier 84 Dog Park.

How old is Oso and what breed?

He's eight. He's a Shepherd and a Lab. He was a rescue. I got him when he was three months old.

May I ask why you got a dog?

I grew up with dogs. I always wanted one.

Is he your first pet as an adult?

As an adult yes.  My partner and I got him together.

It's a different experience right?

It is, more responsibility - and the bills, all the vet visits, yeah!

So What's Oso Like?

He's really sweet. He's a little shy with men. That's why he was on the TV show "Dogs In The City", cause he was scared of men. So we fixed him. It was on over two summers ago in 2012. It was on CBS, specifically about dogs in New York.

How did he get in the show?

Our dog walker was a dog walker for a CBS producer, who was involved in the show. And he told us, "Maybe your dog cause he is shy around men.". And so they came, they checked him out and said he's great. And they used him for an episode.

Why did you name him Oso?

When he was a puppy he looked like a little bear. My mom is from Mexico and right after I got him, I took him to her house. She had a dog named Oso when she was growing up. Her dog also loved bread. And so we made that connection, his name has to be Oso.

My partner and I own a pizzeria on 10th between 51st and 52nd. With the pizzeria, he always gets a pizza.

Oso seems less affraid and shy now. He also seems very happy. Why wouldn't he be? He's got two dog parents who loves and take care of him, he gets free pizzas and he was on TV!

Oso was in episode five of Dogs In The City - Eating House and Home. View photos of Oso and his guardians from the TV show.

Name: Oso
Breed: German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix
Age: 8 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Pier 84 Dog Run, Hells Kitchen

Date Posted:  

May 1, 2015

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