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Pet Profile   Pet Profile

It's Super Timmy and Her Poodle Mom!

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More Photos of Timmy:

Timmy, a teacup-sized poodle was walking gracefully with her pet mom Lori.
They were on their way to the dog park.

How old is Timmy?

A year and a half.

How old was she when you got her?

14 weeks.

Was she adopted?

She came from a show breeder in Virginia.

May I ask why you got a toy poodle?

Oh she's my seventh toy poodle. Once I got a toy poodle, I never wanted anything else.

Why not a mini or a standard?

I would get a standard if I didn't live in the city. But a toy is so portable. I could take her on the bus, on the subway and go anywhere.

What's her personality like?

She's nicknamed Super Timmy because she flies through the air. She literally, I have pictures of her this far off to the ground, all four legs like that (she showed a flying gesture).

She has a nice haircut.

I do it myself. Actually, people laugh at me, they it's a lie.

Maybe you can start a dog styling/grooming business?

You know what? I hate grooming. I just do it cause I love my dog. It's a lot of work. Groomers deserve much more than they get.

Is she difficult to give a haircut?

No, she's good. She'll lie and stuff. Kinda used ot being pamphered. It's in her genes.

Why do you like poodles so much? Have you tried other breeds at all?

I had lots of different breeds. But when I got my first toy poodle because I live in such a tiny apartment. You know the city. And I said, "Oh teacup poodle, that sounds small.". But after I got that dog, this blows away anything I've ever known. And I've never wanted anything but a poodle since then.

They are so smart. The smarter they are, the better they can relate to you, the better they can connect to you. So you have a lot stronger relationship with them, when they can understand you and you can understand them.

Should I call you the poodle lady?

Poodle mom.

Superman has the Kents who took care of him on earth, Wonderman has Hippolyta and Super Timmy has Lori. Look! It's a standard poodle! It's a miniature poodle! No, it's Super Timmy and her poodle mom!

Name: Timmy
Breed: Toy Poodle
Age: 1.5 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

June 16, 2015

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