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Pure Love That A Dog Gives You

More Photos of Dingo:

Kent and his dog companion Dingo seemed content and happy after stepping out of the dog run at DeWitt Clinton.

So Kent, why did you name him Dingo?

Just because of his ears, the way he looks.

What's Dingo like?

He's a people dog. He prefers around people than other dogs. If there are no distractions, like no balls, nothing for him to play with. Eventually, he will play with other dogs. But he is really a loving, pleasant dog.

Why did you get a dog?

My fiancee and I have always wanted a dog. We made the decision to rescue a dog instead of buying a dog in like a pet store. So we did a little reasearch and we found this place in Brooklyn called Badass Brooklyn (Animal Rescue). He chose us.

Out of all the dogs there, he's the one that bonded with you right away.

Actually, we went trying to get another dog that we saw online. They decided to give that to someone else. We thought, it wasn't meant to be and maybe there's someone else. We hang around, then this shy dog came up to my fiancee Natalie. We played with him for a little while and knew that this was our guy.

What has he added to you as a person and as a couple?

It's definitely a big responsibilty having a dog. If you want the dog to be a family member that you treat well but it comes with way more perks and advantages.

There's something to be said for the pure love that a dog gives you. Whether you run for five minutes to take the trash down the hall or you've been gone for a handful of hours and how excited he is as if you've been gone for years. He's always happy to see you. His tail is always wagging when you come up to him. And that's just something you don't get from any humans that for sure.

Yeah, it depends on the person's mood. Is Dingo moody at all?

Sometimes, he is not a morning person or morning dog, I should say. So in the morning, it takes a little coaxing to get him moving and ready to go. But for the most part, he always wants to play, always want to cuddle, always want go outside, always happy to be with you.

Maybe as humans, we can all take a cue on how to react when we see our family and friends? For sure, Kent has found a best friend in Dingo.

Name: Dingo
Breed: Pitbull Mix
Age: 3-1/2 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Central Park West Side

Date Posted:  

June 17, 2015

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