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Elvis The Pelvis

More Photos of Elvis:

Kent and his mini Dachsund named Elvis agreed to be interviewed while at Clinton De Witt Park.

Where'd you get Elvis?

He's from Florida. I picked him up as a puppy. 

Why'd you get a mini Dachshund?

Because Dachshunds have a big personality in a small frame. They are perfect for the city. 

Is he your first Dachshund?

He's my first dog. I'm more in love with him everyday. And he has a pet cat.

A pet cat?

We found him in the garbage and they've been best friends ever since. The spend all their time sleeping together, cuddling, playing. 

What's Elvis like?

He is perfect because if you wanna go on a five-mile walk, he'll do it. But if you wanna sit around and read - he's very adaptable, calm or energetic.  He's very friendly, never bites anybody. He gets along with cats, dogs and people. 

So I guess you are a fan of Elvis, is that where you got his name?

(Laughs before saying) Yes.

Does he do the pelvis moves too?

He does.

Then they sat on the bench and he lifted Elvis on his front paws while facing me. And started to move him as if he was dancing. For a second, I thought he was really going to move like Elvis.

But when they left, the way Elvis was walking, it looked like he was swaying his hips from left to right.  Elvis can do the pelvis after all.

Name: Elvis
Breed: Mini Dachshund
Age: 10 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

July 22, 2015

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