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Ozzi with the Aussies

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More Photos of Ozzi:

When I approached Mikhaila and her puppy Ozzi, he started running towards me in excitement. I tried to take a few photos of Ozzi even though he wouln't stay still. Then Mikhaila explained why they got him.

How long have you had him?

About six months.

Why did you name him Ozzi?

Because were from Australia. (Then Ozzi barked, maybe he's saying "G'day mate!"?)

Ah so it's not Ozzie the rockstar, it's OZ down under.

OZ down under. It was either that or Vegemite. Ozzi is better.

What's Ozzi like?

He's a hyper puppy. He does not listen whatsoever. You tell him to stop, he won't stop. He's just very cheeky. He thinks he owns everything.

Where'd you get him?

We got him from the pound, he was fostered out. He actually had really hard upbringing in the foster care. So now this cage that when we got him, he still has and we can't really get it out of him.

So is he a family dog?

He's a family dog. He loves people.

So why'd you get a dog?

Because we moved here about a year ago and we didn't know anyone. We got him more as a companion.

Is it the whole family who moved here?

My sister, her husband and me.

If you pick three adjectives to describe Ozzi, what would those be?

Talkative, hyperactive and mischievous. Always looking for something.

It seems like Ozzi is keeping the Aussies busy in New York City. 



Name: Ozzi
Breed: Border Collie and Welsh Corgi (Borgi)
Age: 11 months  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

December 19, 2015

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