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Snowy Owl

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Owls can rotate their head about 270 degrees, almost like from the movie The Exorcist.  They can't move their eye sockets because they have fixed eye sockets.

Snowy owls are ghostlike because of their white plumage that echoes thier Arctic origins.

Snowy owl pairs usually mate for life. Female snowy owls lay from 3 to 11 eggs at a time, in a nest built on the ground. When there is plenty of food available, snowy owls tend to lay more eggs than when food is scarce.

Unlike most other owl species, snowy owls hunt mainly in the daytime. Snowy owls are highly nomadic and their movements are tied to the abundance of their primary prey species, lemmings. They are known to aggressively defend their nests and will attack those that disturb their nests.

Breed: Snowy Owl
Gender: Male
Location:   Queens Zoo

Date Posted:  

January 10, 2016

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