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Ruby The Gem

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More Photos of Lucy:

While waiting for the ferry to Ikea at Pier 11, I saw this couple with an adorable Welsh Corgi on the opposite side of the pier.  I asked my friends to save my spot in the line so that I could approach them. I met Shaun, Lydia and their cute pooch Ruby.

Where did you get her?

We got her at this place Citipups in Union Square.

Shaun: We were eating burgers at the Breslin. And it's obviously a very heavy meal, we were walking off the food, without the intention of getting a dog. And then, we just walked in the store. And at 9:30, they were closing, we just pet her and then we had her there.

Lydia: So we took her home. We weren't actually planning on getting a dog though. It was spur of the moment.

Well, its been working well so far right?

Both: Yeah, it's great!

Why did you name her Ruby?

Shaun: My mom's dog, she was growing up in India in the 1950s, was called Ruby. And she never had a dog after that. So then we decided to name her Ruby.

Lydia: And her coloring is also like red.

What's Ruby like?

Very playful, mischievous, likes to lay around a lot. She goes upside down and lays. She wants to lay on her back.

What has she added to your relationship?

She's added a lot of walks. Liek three times a day. Sometimes on the weekends she walks four or five times.

Do you go to the dog park over there?

Lydia: We used to when I was doing my masters, we took he every morning. But she now goes to doggy day care during the week, cause we are working now. And she just prefers to walk now because she plays with dogs all week. She is just more interested in hanging out with people now. It's like her job playing with dogs during the week.

Shaun: She has a sense of humor. She's really really funny.

Shaun and Lydia may have gotten Ruby on a whim, but they have found long lasting treasure in her.

Name: Lucy
Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Age: 4.5 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Financial District

Date Posted:  

August 22, 2016

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