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Baker, Lord Clifford Edward III And The Globerollers

More Photos of Lord Clifford Edward III and Baker:

While sitting on the top steps at the entrance of southwest Central Park, I saw two girls gliding along towards me; each one had a dog on a leash.  One was in a wheelchair, with a big black dog, and the other one was on rollerblades, was with a beagle-like dog.

“There girls are cool and I have to feature them.” I thought in my head. One sat on the lowest step diagonally across from where I was sitting. But as I was about to walk down to them, they started eating their falafel sandwiches. So I waited until they were done.

When I finally approached them about this site, they happily agreed and said that they have a website too. 

“Globerollers!”, they exclaimed.

“That’s cool! We can exchange links.”, I replied back. 

I learned that Roxy is the girl with the wheelchair and Madeline is the rollerblade girl.  First, I photographed Madeline and the white dog, then Roxy with the big dog, and lastly, all four of them.

When I started the interview, Madeline said that the dog wasn’t hers and that it was Roxy’s boyfriend’s.  So I turned to Roxy to ask about Baker.  He is a Peagle (Pekingese/Beagle), that her boyfriend bought at Citypups in Chelsea five years ago.

NYC Loves Pets:  So what’s Baker like?

Roxy:  He’s a nightmare. He pulls everywhere. And he’s very skittish.

Madeline:  Every direction.

Roxy:  He is easily startled. If you make a sound or if you sing, he does not like it. He goes under the bed. He’s hard to handle.

NYCLP:  You would think the bigger one would be more difficult.

Roxy:  No. He walks so well. (pointing at Clifford)

NYCLP:  So why did you get Clifford?

Roxy:  Clifford, because look at his face (Clifford looked at Roxy lovingly). It’s mostly in the eyebrows.

NYCLP:  Which shelter did you get him from?

Roxy:  ASPCA on 97th.

Madeline:  There is a video of us adopting him on the Today show.   (She was referring to their site  I’m sorry I have to run.  (I gave her a NYCLovesPets magnet, she said her goodbyes and skated away) 

NYCLP:  You said you adopted him two years ago?

Roxy:  About a year ago.  He is 7 years old now. And I wanted an older dog and he really took to the wheels. They both love the wheels. They are attracted to wheels.

NYCLP:  What got you started to do

Roxy:  We met first year at university, in New York, and we both were on wheels. She is always rollerblading and I am always wheel chairing. So we decided to travel together, ‘cause I am from Amsterdam and she’s from New York and we’re on wheels - so globerollers.

When I got home, I checked their website  And it was about the adventures of these two girls, Roxy and Madeline, documenting their travels and reviewing wheel accessibility in hotels, restaurants, public transportation, etc. Their mission statement was touching: 

Our Mission is simple: Changing the world one staircase at a time.

We strive to bring awareness to our readers about the lack of accessibility in the world.
We are the Globerollers. We roll the globe. One by choice, the fate.

Fate is in an interesting word. Out of millions of people in New York City, I happen to sat near where these two fascinating girls with their dogs stopped to eat their falafel, so I can share their story. Whether it is between best friends or between a human and her dog – love knows no boundaries!

Name: Lord Clifford Edward III and Baker
Breed: Border collie and Australian shepherd / Peagle (Pekingese and Beagle)
Age: 7 years and 5 years  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Central Park West Side

Date Posted:  

February 25, 2017

NYC Loves Pets



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