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A Match for 11 Years, Still Going Strong!

More Photos of Kit (Kitsune):

After being rejected three times to interview about their pets, in a posh section of Tribeca, I ended up in the Financial District.  It was a very gloomy overcast day, which added to the mood of feeling defeated to find pets that I can feature on this blog.

Then from across the street, I caught a woman and her dog.  She looked elegant and seemed approachable.  I decided to give it a shot and ask her.  She graciously agreed and and was happy to talk about her friend. I learned that her name is Linda.

NYCLovesPets: So what's his name?

Linda: Kit. Kitsune. It means fox in Japanese.

NYCLP: And where did you get Kit?

Linda: At a store in the Upper East Side. I got him when he was 11 weeks old.

NYCLP: Oh wow! And he is 11 years old now? How's that 11 years been for you so far?

Linda: It's been good. I'm nervous though, he's getting older. But some shibas live pretty long.

She also said that Kit is reserved, but he bonds well with humans.  He is also brave and will fight dogs bigger than him. He likes the little dogs though because it makes him look better.

NYCLP: Why'd you pick Kit?

Linda: I wanted a medium-sized dog and he matches my hair color.

Not only do they match hair color, they also match as guardian and pet for 11 years now. Maybe that was what drawn me to them on this gray dull day, they were like a ray of light.

Name: Kit (Kitsune)
Breed: Shiba Inu
Age: 11 years  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Financial District

Date Posted:  

September 1, 2014

NYC Loves Pets



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