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Roscoe Can Still See You

More Photos of Roscoe:

From across the street, I saw a medium-sized dog barking at another dog. Then I talked to his guardian and he explained that the six-year old Roscoe is blind.  His girlfriend got him three years ago when he was starting to go blind because of early onset cataracts. It's a genetic flaw from both of his breeds which are Yorkshire terrier and poodle (yorkiepoo).

His guardian elaborated, "It can be tough, especially when he is approached, he can very skiddish. He can't see what those things are, the first thing to do is be cautious. On the street, I walk him on a short leash. He seems to be happy.".

Then I asked him, "So you inherited him?".

He replied, "My girlfriend and I live together now. He is now my dog too. I love him a lot, he is very sweet. He is very loyal and he sleeps in our bed." 

I felt sorry for Roscoe at first.  But then I remembered that vision is not their primary sense. My impression of him was that he was a happy regular dog. I also noticed that he barked at all the other dogs that passed by, while he remained friendly to the humans and even approached me.  He seems to prefer humans. It make sense because his human guardians give him a lot of care and affection.

Name: Roscoe
Breed: Yorkiepoo - Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle Mix
Age: 6 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Hell's Kitchen - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

September 2, 2014

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