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Did You Know That There Are Long-haired Chihuahuas?

Photos of just the pets are available for purchase:
  • Downloads (various sizes)
  • Prints (paper, mounted, framed)
  • Keepsakes (mug, stickers, etc.)
  • Greeting Cards

A portion of the profits will be donated to a local NYC shelter or ASPCA.

Please contact me if you are the pet owner and want access to all your photos.

More Photos of Millie:

Since that "Yo Quero Taco Bell!" commercial came out in the 90s, I always thought all chihuahuas have short hair.

Massimo was walking this toy dog with a beautiful brown long fur. He explained that she is a long-coat chihuahua.  I was suprised to learn that there are chihuahuas with thicker fur.  He also mentioned that her name is Millie. When asked why she was named Millie, he replied, "We saw that name in a magazine and we liked it."

He also added that they got her from a breeder upstate.  I didn't bother to ask where upstate it is.  To a New Yorker, anything north of The Bronx is upstate!

Name: Millie
Breed: Long-haired Chihuahua
Age: 4 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Central Park West Side

Date Posted:  

September 6, 2014

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