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An English Beagle Becomes a New York Beagle - Part 1

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A female English beagle was born on September 13, 2011, in an animal shelter in London.  She was named Pringle, after a cashmere brand in Scotland. She spent the first several months of her life between the shelter and temporary foster care. Due to this upbringing, she has a very suspicious nature, and is wary of anything new or unusual.

Meanwhile, Diane and her husband were checking websites of animal shelters. They lost their dog Poppy eighteen months ago and realized it was time to welcome a new one into their home. They even found one named Poppy too, but that would just remind them of their previous dog. One day, she spotted a picture of Pringle and showed it to her husband. He had a beagle as a kid and immediately set up an appointment with the shelter so that they could see her.

At the shelter, Pringle responded well to them and the shelter thought that they were a good fit.  And so at 6 months old, Pringle joined their family. They spent a lot of time with her just after they adopted her.  They sent her to obedience and agility training. She became more confident.

Diane happily added, "Pringle is incredibly clever. She has also learned the names of her toys and we will hide them in the apartment and make her find them. 'Pringle, go find monkey', and she will look around until she finds the right toy and bring it to us. Pringle will pretty much do anything for food.".

After more than a year, the bond between Pringle and her guardians grew stronger. However, Diane's dad has not been well and so they decided to move back to the U.S. to be closer to the family. Her husband was able to transfer to New York City with the company he worked for in London. And so, last May, Diane and her husband flew back to the States, along with their animal companions, Pringle and their cat, Ebi.

She explained how the plane ride was, "Pringle flew in the cargo hold of the plane, in her own crate, alongside our cat in her own crate. They were the only animals on board that day and Pringle travelled really well. The airlines don't let you sedate or medicate your animal, but Pringle is crate-trained, so felt very secure while traveling. I think I was more stressed about it all than she was! ".

So what happens to Pringle in New York?  Read:  Part 2- An English Beagle Becomes a New York Beagle.

Name: Pringle
Breed: English Beagle
Age: 3 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Central Park West Side

Date Posted:  

September 6, 2014

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