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Spencer Tracy: The Golden Age of Retriever

More Photos of Spencer Tracy:

Vance and his golden retriever were walking in Chelsea, when I met them. I found out that the 6-year old dog's name is Spencer Tracy.  I was aware that the name was an actor during the golden age of Hollyood, but I've never seen any of his movies. Vance added, "My partner and me like that name. He looks like a Spencer Tracy to us. And we have a cat named Elizabeth Taylor.".

While I was interviewing Vance, Spencer kept moving close towards me to get my attention.  His guardian explained, "He's extremely friendly. He loves attention. He loves to eat.  He loves to eat food off the ground, that's why he is wearing a gentle leader.".

When I was saying goodbye, Spencer put his paw up as if he was going to shake my hands or do a high five.  He is defnitely sociable and affectionate too!

And when I got home, I googled Spencer Tracy.  This came up:
Spencer Tracy had a well deserved reputation for keeping co-stars on their toes for his oddly endearing scene-stealing tricks.  

Doesn't that sound like the golden retriever I met?

Name: Spencer Tracy
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 6 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Chelsea

Date Posted:  

September 10, 2014

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