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Ebi, The Cat Diva!

More Photos of Ebi:

This is Diane's story of her cat Ebi.

We already had two cats living with us in London, but I thought the younger of the two needed a kitten to play with. Since I had found and adopted the first two cats, I asked my husband if he wanted to find a kitten to adopt One day, he was chatting with a dealer who sold antique glass often etched with animals. She mentioned that she knew a woman who was fostering cats and was desperate to re-home a one-year-old pair of sister cats. He arranged to meet the cats, and we decided to adopt them..

Ironically, they never got along with the cat who I thought needed a playmate! Sadly, Ebi's sister died about six years after we got them, and our other cats have both passed since, so Ebi is the only cat left. I would someday like to adopt more cats. But I think at Ebi's age, it would be difficult to introduce a new cat, but you never know..

Ebi is actually very mellow, thus her original name of Ebb, which suited her. We think no one played with her much as a kitten, as she and her sister didn't really know how to play when they came to us. She will, on occasion, bat at ribbons if you dangle them in front of her, but I think it's more because she's annoyed by the ribbon than she's having fun.

She is a little shy with new people, but once she gets to know someone, will happily let them pet and cuddle her. She likes to butt heads with people as a sign of affection - not hard, she will press her forehead against yours. It surprises people, they're not sure what she's doing, but I know it is a huge compliment when she does it to me.

When Ebi moved to New York with us from London, she did NOT enjoy being put in the carrier, even though it all went smoothly. And then I got her to our new home, she turned her back on me when I opened the carrier and ignored me for the next three days.

Ebi mostly likes to sleep, and will let me cuddle her like a stuffed animal at night. She has a very loud purr which I find very relaxing, so it's a good set-up for both of us! She will also sleep on the pillow around my husband's head - we were amazed that she always knew what pillows are for, and prefers to sleep on soft things. Ebi also loves to be brushed, and will sit in the bathroom on the bath mat while I shower, knowing I will brush her after I get dressed. Her fur is like black velvet, very lush and soft. After I brush her, I feed her and give her little dehydrated chicken treats, which she loves. She follows me around until the treats have been fed.

People always ask how our dog Pringle and our cat Ebi get along. Pringle loves Ebi and wants to sniff her, which the cat hates. So she hisses and swats at Pringle, which makes Pringle back off. I know that if I hear Pringle crying in the apartment, the cat has her cornered and Pringle is afraid to walk past her. Ebi is totally in charge!

Name: Ebi
Breed: Domestic short hair or Moggie in England
Age: 13  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Battery Park City

Date Posted:  

September 11, 2014

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