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Plato, The Immigrant From Costa Rica

More Photos of Plato:

A dog named after Plato, a Greek philosopher and possibly a mix of German (schnauzer), English (Yorkshire terrier), French (poodle) and Chinese (Pekingese) breeds, lives in Jersey City. He belongs to a couple - Alejandro, of Costa Rican descent and Christine a Filipina. They got him when he was 3 months old, from Alejandro's mom in Costa Rica. How international can a dog be?

Plato is so hyper that he cannot stay still while I was interviewing Alejandro. He also kept barking at other dogs. Alejandro said, "He is not very very contemplative. Mostly because he is like gray and bearded. We should have called him Groucho Marx.".

Plato seems to be well loved by his guardians. In fact, every year, whenever they go to Costa Rica, Plato flies and sits with them on the plane.

Name: Plato
Breed: Schnauzers, Poodle, Yorkshire and Pekingese Mix
Age: 3 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Grove St. Area
Jersey City

Date Posted:  

September 18, 2014

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