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Do You Have Unconditional Love?

More Photos of Jojo:

This is a story of a dog's unconditional love to her guardian.

JC bought a miniature dachsund as a gift for her son, who was then 15 years old. The dog was named Jojo, after the teen star, because her son was fond of her.

JC explained how they got Jojo, "We got her from a kennel when she was 10 weeks old. We had her for two days, she became severely ill with pneumonia and was gonna die. The breeder drove all the way from Massachusetts and picked her up. Handed us all our money back. I am an E.R. nurse, so I was basically keeping her on oxygen. They literally gave her anti-biotics and she turned around within 3 weeks. My son was so attached to her. And so after a month, we went back up and got her.".

The novelty of having a pet wore off after a couple of months.  JC being the mom, became the primary caretaker. And she has never had a dog before. she had to research about having a dog in the city and which places are dog-friendly.

A year ago, Jojo went blind because of a mysterious disease called "SARDS" - sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome. JC added, "She has a pack of dogs that she has been walking with since she was young, 3 days a week. It's weird that they kind of know that she is blind. When she is walking with them, the dogs will take turns and be her seeing-eye dog. She will just attach herself to their rear leg. Her best friend is Rosie, who's deaf.  So you see these two helping each other. This old pitbull and then Jojo is stuck on her back leg.".

It's been seven years since they got Jojo. JC's son has already moved out of the house.

In closing she said, "Being in New York and having your good days and bad days. She's always right there. I am a believer of unconditional love of dogs. You get what you give.".

I think this is a story of two unconditional love: the dog's love for her guardian and the mother's love for her son and her dog.

Name: Jojo
Breed: Miniature Dachshund
Age: 7 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

September 23, 2014

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