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Easley is Easily the Best Dog Ever

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More Photos of Easley:

Evan gladly shared his story about his cute shaggy dog Easley.

How old is Easley?

Easley is 3.

What breed is he?

He is a mixed Briard and Tibetan Terrier. We rescued him from Texas about two years ago. He grew up in a ranch, so gets distracted easily by loud noise.

When did you bring him here?

We brought him here in April of 2012, so here's been here almost three years.

Would you say he is more of a dog dog or a people dog?

He's a people dog. When we come to the dog park, he likes to play for a good half hour a day.

Does he have best friends at the park?

Yes. John's dog Margo.

The boxer?


She was featured on this site.

They're buddies.

So what's he like?

He's usually very chill. He's like a grandpa. Low-key, lays around all day and he's the best dog ever.

If you pick three adjectives to describe him, what would those be?

Calm, protective and adorable.

May I ask why you got a dog?

I've always wanted a dog since I was a kid. And I finally got married. We have flexible schedules to give him a good life.

So he's like your first kid.

Pretty much yeah.

After talking to Evan, I can easily tell that he is the best dog dad ever to adorable Easley, who is easily the best dog ever.



Name: Easley
Breed: Briard and Tibetan Terrier mix
Age: 3 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

December 11, 2015

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