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A Tale Of Two Sara(h)s And Rosie A Cancer Survivor

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More Photos of Rosie:

Just outside the big dog park in Washington Square Park, I met two women walking a large dog named Rosie. I found out that they are both named Sara(h)s - one with an H and one without.

Where did you get Rosie?

Sara: I'm a dog walker actually. (Pointing to Sarah) She's a dog walker. She is my favorite. She came from a breeder.

How old is Rosie?

Sara: She is 15 years old, and one of our oidest standing clients. We've had her pretty much since the beginning of Pooch Pals.

What breed is she?

Sara: She's a Golden Retriever.

(Noticing that Rosie's face is white) Is that how they age?

Sara: Yeah, their face turn a little white when they get older.

Sarah: Just like makeup.

Sara: You are actually meeting her in her healthy age. In March she had cancer, so she's had to have a little doggy hysterectomy. Now she's very healthy and loving all the milk bones, as you can see.

So what made you decide to become dog walkers?

Sara: I used to have a dog, a pitbull named Faith. But now I'm in New York and I want a dog. We can't have them in our apartments. I think we're similar.

Sarah: I actually was starting a job in real estate, coming down from a tour with a dance company. And I really hated real estate but I needed a paycheck to come in. I put in this application randomly in the middle of studying from my exam.

I have a dog back home that's her age, a black lab that I miss so much. And I used to be an animal care science major in college. I have a lot of animal experience that I just want to put to good use.

Sara: I am a writer. In between doing that, I'm doing this.

Anything else that you would like to add?

Sarah: Our company actually specializes in training walks. Not only do we walk the dogs, we train them as we go.

For example, I have a puppy that was really a bad scavenger. She would just eat everything off the ground. I couldn't take her out for very long until she learned a little bit of command, so that she just wouldn't grab anything. She get to learn that in about a week. And now, she's fine. It's a process rather than just, "Oh yeah, I took your dog out and she pooped.".

Sara: And you notice we only have one dog as opposed to having hoards of dogs. We only walk them one at a time and give them the special attention that they need. (Rosie moved closer to Sara and she got a milk bone from her.) As you can see this one is very food motivated.

And then, Rosie walked up to me and I said to her, "Sorry, I don't have a milk bone.". Sara passed me one and said, "Yes, he does.". And so I handed Rosie the milk bone. She happily munched on it, as I pat her on the head.  Sara and Sarah work for Pooch Pals.

And with that, I thanked them and parted ways.  That was another interesting story about human-animal relationships in this urban jungle we call New York City.

Name: Rosie
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 15 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Washington Square Park

Date Posted:  

July 4, 2015

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