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Becky, The Noble Therapy Dog

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More Photos of Becky:

Video of Becky:

Update on Becky:

I saw Becky and Sunny again while walking at park by the west side highway.  She is now 12 years old and still happy as ever. Becky is a therapy dog. Read her story below.

Original Post Date:  October 8, 2014

Sunny and her energetic American cocker spaniel, Becky were putting on a show. Becky was on her hind legs while jumping and turning. It was fun to watch the amazing rapport they have. I was so curious that I had to ask what she was training her to do.

Sunny explained, "She is a therapy dog. We do visits with kids. She's trained and certified to go into schools and hospitals. So it's always good to have a couple of tricks in your pocket.".

And then, I asked how often do they visit schools and hospitals.

She replied, "I'm going to start rotations of going to a school where she's going to be in a room where kids are reading. Kids are more likely to read out loud to a dog than a human.

Previously she went to another school where she was with non-verbal and immobile kids. All these kids were on wheelchairs. And she would play with them. It was good for them because some of them were autistic and some of them would make eye contact with a dog and not with human.".

And then, I felt a lick on the back of my head. It was Olive, Doreen's pet who were hanging out in the park with them. We all laughed.

Sunny continued, "You see one of those kids smile or laugh or connect, an autistic child connect with a dog when they don't connect with anybody. I saw a kid tease her. And for somebody to tease a dog means they have an understanding. I enjoy that enormously.

And we've done senior citizens too. We worked with Alzheimer and stroke patients. And so she brings joy to the world.".

The credit also goes to Sunny. Considering how much time it takes to care for a dog, she also finds time to share Becky to others who are in need of cheering up. Kudos to Sunny and Becky!


Name: Becky
Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Age: 9 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Date Posted:  

April 22, 2017

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