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Pet Profile   Pet Profile

Benji, The Basenji and Cybele The Other Basenji

More Photos of Benji and Cybele:

Hepi was walking her two Basenjis on a cold winter day at Central Park. 

Were they both adopted?

Benji was adopted. I got him in 2000 from a shelter. Cybele came from a breeder.

I started out with one female Basenji before. Then, I got involved with a Basenji rescue. They called me from the city shelter saying they have a dog for fostering. So I went and got him. I was going to find him a home, which I did. But by then, I was in love with him after correcting his misbehaving. He has been my longest living dog - for 16 years now.

My female died in 2011 and Benji was miserable,  so I got him a companion Cybelle. He adores her.

Why Basenjis in particular?

They don't bark. They are extremely clean and they never smell like a dog. They are from Central Africa and only shed twice a year. They are gorgeous looking dogs in my opinion. They are one of the earliest descendants of the wolves according to New York Times.

I am the Basenji lady of the west side.

Name: Benji and Cybele
Breed: Basenji
Age: 16 Years Old and 3 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Central Park West Side

Date Posted:  

January 18, 2015

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