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Can't Take Our Eyes Off You

More Photos of Bunny and Indy:

I knew eventually that I would run into a professional dog walker. Walking down on 10th avenue, I saw this lady eating pizza while two dogs were staring intently at her. I thought, it must have been the pizza.

I walked up to her and asked if I could feature her pets on the blog. Then, she told me that she is a dog walker and her name is Barbara Stevenson. And the conversation went like this:

NYCLovesPets: How long have you been a professional dog walker?

Barbara: I am one of the original dog walkers of New York City since 1998.

NYCLovesPets: How many dogs can you walk at the same time?

Barbara: I do about seven, back in the day. I won't go more than that. The dogs don't really enjoy it.

NYCLP: So what's Bunny and Indy like?

Barbara: Bunny will steal your food if you don't watch it. Bunny is quick and stubborn, but lovable at the same time. Indy likes a lot of hiking, a real sports dog.

When I took the pictures of the dogs, they wouldn't stop looking at Barbara. Even when she was done eating her pizza. I even asked Barbara to move to the side of a building so I can get a better picture of her with the dogs, but Bunny and Indy just kept staring at her. It's as if they were on a spell.

Now it's time for a song dedication..."Can't Take My Eyes Off You".

Name: Bunny and Indy
Breed: French Bulldog and Australian Shepherd
Age: 3 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Chelsea

Date Posted:  

August 20, 2014

NYC Loves Pets



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