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Delilah Is In Charge Of Samson

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More Photos of Samson and Delilah:

Anne was with her two cute white puppies that were wearing bright red sweaters. Anne willingly shared their story.

How old are they?

Five months. They were born in July (2015)

How long have you had them?

Three months.

Why did you name them Samson and Delilah?

My son decided those because he reads the bible.

What are their personalities?

They are very different. Delilah is very domineering and Samson is very quiet. She tells Samson what to do.

Are they siblings?

Yes, brother and sister.

Where did you get them?

My husband bought them in a pet store.

Are they your first dogs?

No second. I had a Maltese that died in July.

Why do you like the Maltese breed?

Because they are non-allergenic dogs.

And now you have two. What it's like taking care of them?

Oh! It's easier than having one!

Really? Why is that?

Because they keep each other busy.

Why did your husband get these dogs?

Because of the first one, we miss him so much.

And now you have two of them.


Name: Samson and Delilah
Breed: Maltese
Age: Five months  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

December 18, 2015

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