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G'day Bearded Dragon Mates

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Bearded dragons are only naturally found in Australia's desert regions. They were first introduced in the United States in the 1990s. Since then, they have become popular pet reptiles. The are called "bearded" because the spikes and scales they have around their head resembles a beard. They use this as a defense mechanism and will expand their throat whenever they feel threatened.

  • Adult Size: 12 to 14 inches

  • Temperature: 72-80°F; basking 95-105°F

  • Care Level: Beginner

  • Most Active During: Daytime

  • Life Span: 8-10+ years

  • Eats: Crickets, worms and vegetables, including calcium and vitamin dusting 2-3 times per week. Babies will eat 10-20 small crickets per day and is crucial to their growth and development.


Breed: Bearded Dragon
Gender: Male
Location:   Upper West Side

Date Posted:  

March 20, 2015

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