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I think I'm A Small Dog

More Photos of Harlow:

Diane was sitting on the grass with her clien'ts large dog Harlow. Harlow is a Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard Mix.

How old is he?

He's about 2 Years Old

Where did his owner get him?

He was a rescue. He was found in the backyard with a chain around his neck. He came up from Kentucky through a Great Pyrenees rescue group. He came to the city in January. He'd never been on a leash, never been to the city and he's just done marvelously.

What's his personality like?

He just loves all people. He loves animals. He loves everybody. He's very sweet. He's a big gentle dog.

He can be goofy. He'll get on his back, with his paws in the air. He doesn't realize he's 95 pounds. He thinks he's a tiny little dog.

Harlow is a definitely sweet large dog.  He seems to have adjusted well and loving the city. Another happy pooch in NYC.


Name: Harlow
Breed: Great Pyrenees and Saint Bernard Mix
Age: 2 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Date Posted:  

July 22, 2015

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