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Kulit, A Caterella Story

Photos of just the pets are available for purchase:
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A portion of the profits will be donated to a local NYC shelter or ASPCA.

Please contact me if you are the pet owner and want access to all your photos.

More Photos of Kulit:

Once upon a time, in the land of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, there was a mother cat who gave birth to five kittens. She gave birth at the bottom of the deck of a big house owned by Jojo and Tim.

One day, Jojo found the mother cat and with her five kittens. He saw that there was one kitten who was small, skinny and was being ignored by her mom.  She was the runt of the kitty litter. Her siblings didn't want to play with her.  Jojo thought that was normal, gave them food and went back in.

The next day, he noticed that this one kitten was still being rejected by the mother. Jojo felt bad for this small kitten and was afraid that she might die.  He decided to take the kitten in and introduced him to Tim.

Tim immediately liked the kitten and they decided to keep her indoors. They named her Kulit. The couple bought feeding bottles, kitten formula and other cat supplies. They lovingly bottle-fed Kulit each day, until she was completely weaned.

It's been two years now since and Kulit has grown into a beautiful cat and enjoying the good life inside a big house that must seem like a castle to her. And she is the princess, they live happily ever after.

Name: Kulit
Gender: Female
Location:   Nazareth

Date Posted:  

September 16, 2015

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