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Leo The Sociable Cat

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More Photos of Leo:

My friend Heather has fostered a few stray cats that she found in her neighborhood. Her friend Rebecca adopted Leo, one of her rescued cats. Five years later, I was in Rebecca's living room along with Heather, where I met Leo, an adorable gray and white cat.

Why did you adopt Leo?

Gizmo was the only cat for a month and then Leo came along. And I told Heather that if no one else adopts him, we would adopt him. So we did.

Heather added, "But Michael didn't really want to, at first. That's why I videotaped him and sent the video. If you like the video, I'll bring him to meet you. And the rest was history.”

The minute he saw Michael, he gave out a high pitched meow and jumped on Michael’s chest. 
That was it.

Is Michael a cat person?

Yeah. He grew up with cats, his family have always had cats. We didn't. We always had a dog.

What is Leo like?

Leo loves to play. He's got a spunky personality. If we're not paying attention, he'll walk on the computer keyboard. One time, he stood on the keyboard and a lot of text was typed in, so a lot of windows popped up.  I thought he was trying to email someone!

He has little soft meow, like a little kitten even though he's gigantic. He likes to jump around and jump off things. He's very social, he does like people.

(Then Leo came up to me and allowed me to pet him. He was proving that he's social indeed!)

Heather asked, "Didn't he have favorite cigar toy?".

Oh yeah, he tore that up. Anything with catnip he likes. His catnip mouse is underneath the couch or chair. And he likes to chase his various toys. He used to play catch. We would throw the ball or mouse and he would run to get it and bring it back.  Now he just wants us to throw it and he will chase it and then we have to go to the other side and pick it up and throw it again.  He doesn't do the bringing it back part anymore.

Why do you think you prefer cats now over dogs?

I'd love to have a dog and a cat. You can have a cat in an apartment.

Heather added, "You have to be home all the time to walk them.".

They're just easier in New York. He acts like a dog. He chews on stuff. If I'm doing sit-ups, he'll lie down next to me and push against me so that I can't do anything. He'll chew on my clothes. He likes buttons and zippers. I have teeth marks on my purse strap.

Then, Heather asked, "Isn't there some routine that he does when Michael comes home?".

Leo will greet Michael and then flop onto his back, as if to say, "Pet me! Look at my belly!”

With a cat like Leo, who needs dogs?

Name: Leo
Age: 5 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Central Park West Side

Date Posted:  

July 23, 2015

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