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Max is Dog-minded

More Photos of Max:

Max was adopted 10 years ago by Tim.

Why did you name him Max?

I adopted two cats, a boy and a girl. I couldn't think of a name and there was ar estaurant chain in the area called Max and Erma. Erma died not long after I got her. There was something wrong with her.

What's Max personality like?

Max doesn't do typical cat things. He is sort of dog-minded, like he would come when he's called. He does like to play like a cat from time to time.

He likes to cuddle in bed. He always try to sneak up and get next to me, and lay on me. But he used to be noit like that. In his old age, he's gotten very cuddly.

Any cute stories you want to share?

When I lived in Columbus, I had an apartment on the second floor. He could always tell when I was home from work and when I would pull into the parking lot. He'd always jumped to the window. He could tell my car noise. and you would see his little head peaking through the blinds and he would be squawking.

And then, he'd always be waiting at the front door when I came in. And he would lift on his back legs waiting for me to pick him up.

Sounds like a dog welcoming his owner home. Maybe Max is a dog in one of her nine lives. Tim lives in Manhattan with Max and his dog Sunshine.

Name: Max
Breed: American Shorthair
Age: 10 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Financial District

Date Posted:  

October 21, 2014

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