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Molly is Weary of Women

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More Photos of Molly:

Doreen was with her two dogs, Molly and Bubba.  She first shares her story of how she found Molly.

What breed is Molly?

She's an American Bulldog. She's a special breed from down south. They are called Scotts.

How old is she?

It's an estimate because she's a rescue. About 7 (years).

What's Molly like?

Molly is a great girl. She's weary of women, something maybe happened in the past, before I got her. But not men, she loves men. She's not good with other dogs, unless properly introduced.

How are they getting along?  (Pointing to her other dog Bubba)

Oh they are getting along fine. They ignore each other.

Why did you name her Molly?

Because I used to have an aerobics instructor named Molly Fox. I always liked the name after that. When I got my dog, I named her Molly after Molly Fox.

May I ask why you got her? Have you always been a dog person?

I've been a dog person my entire life. But I worked a lot of hours, I was in theatre for years and years. And I just got pretty much freed up, I'm only working part-time now. So I started looking for a dog and I saw her on a website, a rescue site. She looked so pathetic and scared. It was a kill shelter. And I was like, "Oh this is the one!". And I've been looking for months.

Doreen was right, Molly was the one.  Molly trusts her even though she's a woman.


Name: Molly
Breed: American Bulldog (Scotts)
Age: 7 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

December 19, 2015

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