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Mucho Gusto Lucas

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Please contact me if you are the pet owner and want access to all your photos.

More Photos of Lucas:

Sometimes I would meet dog parents who barely can speak English. Like today, I saw a lady and her adorable miniature pinscher were about to go to the dog run. I approached and asked her, if I could feature them on the site. She just stared at me blankly. I could tell she was Latina. I had to use my poor and very rusty Spanish.

Para website. Cuantos años el dog?

That's 8 year old. April 20.

Ah that's mi padre's cumpleaños. El nombre?


Personality? Ah. I dunno how to say it in Spanish.

(She confusingly looked at me.)

Is he friendly?

Oh! Very very friendly. 


Very active.

Does he like people? Kids?

Eveybody. Is very friendly for all dogs. Any kind. Pitbull. Any kind, he loves.

Then I took a picture of them.  They have a good bond and understand each other very well. Mucho gusto Lucas!

Name: Lucas
Breed: Lucas
Age: 8 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

June 13, 2015

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