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My Dog's A Lesbian

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More Photos of Yoda:

Craig and his dog named Yoda were about to go to the dog park when I stopped them for an interview.

What breed is Yoda?

A Maltese and Chihuahua cross.

What's her personality like?

(While snickering) She's a bitch! She's sweet. She is a little standoffish with people in the begining. She's a loner, but she is a happy dog. She's very spoiled.

Where'd you get Yoda?

I got her in North Carolina, on Craigslist.

May I ask why you got a dog?

I'm a dog's boy. I love dogs. I've had dogs ever since I can remember.

Why Yoda in particular?

It was between her or a Chinese Crested around the same age. And I had a Maltese before so I know their demeanor. And also a pocket pooch is the right answer for me because I have a small apartment. I'm pretty busy. So I just get on my bike, put on my jacket, take her on my armpit and go. 

What's her stand out quality?

That she's a lesbian. She pees like a boy. She humps her toy and she is pretty alpha-ish. She barks but doesn't bite.

The interview ended with that. I tried to pat Yoda on her head but she moved away.

That's a very interesting topic - are some dogs gay?  What do you think?  Sound off on the comment box below.

Name: Yoda
Breed: Maltese and Chihuahua Mix (Malchi)
Age: 7 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

July 20, 2015

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