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More Photos of Carol Channing The Seventh:

Michael "Fynn" Lange writes about some of NYC's most beloved pets. He is a fantasy fiction writer and you can find more of his work at

Here in the Big Apple, many of us big city folk have dogs and cats. Some have snakes, lizards, spiders, and reptiles. I have heard of others who have birds, mice, guinea pigs, or even hamsters. I have heard about many different kinds of pets while spending hours in the city. With a boyfriend that photographs dogs for his blog, I even get to meet, pet and learn about these sweethearts. I, however, have never had my own big city pet… or so I thought.

One day, as I was walking by the Gapstow Bridge I came to realize something. Not only was I a pet owner, all of us city folk are pet owners. I was sitting down on a rock by the lake. I was surrounded by tourists, and other city folk. My boyfriend was off photographing the bridge and I sat there wondering, what kind of pet I would have. Now I will be the first to admit, when it comes to something “casual” aka non-work related, my responsibility skills can be pretty lacking. I had taken my brother's dogs for walks, cleaned up after them, fed them, gave them pets and even let them sneak up on the couch for cuddles. But having my own pet would mean a lot of responsibility. Cleaning up after it, feeding it, and keeping it entertained full time none the less. Sometimes if I am on a writing streak I can forget to feed myself. So therefore, having my own pet was a no go.

That is when it hit me. Well, quacked at me. An overly friendly, and I am sure hungry, duck had snuck up behind me. It stared at me wondering if I had any bread, or whatever ducks might actually think about when they think about food. (Tangent: I imagine most dogs think of a huge meaty steak when the word "treat" is mentioned.) I pulled out some crumbs from some bread I had saved to feed the ducks. The duck was happy, it scuttled off into the water to join its friends. My little group of ducks happily ate every last morsel of the bread that had gone stale.

I did have pets after all, the ducks, the fish, the little turtles, and the huge golden koi fish. (Another tangent: there is a Koi fish in that pond that could most likely devour a small child.) I smiled when I realized, I never had to clean up after my pets. The millions of tourists would help keep them entertained. (Last tangent: There is nothing more entertaining than a lost tourist.)

So even if you can not have a pet in your apartment, or you lack a sense of responsibility, or whatever the reasoning might be… you still have pets. They are the wild animals around you. I am not saying to go and pet the bears, or anything of that sort. If you are lacking pet, in short, go to your park. Donate to it, volunteer to clean it up, visit it and feed the ducks.

Name: Carol Channing The Seventh
Breed: Ducks & More
Age: Unknown  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Central Park East Side

Date Posted:  

August 8, 2016

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