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Peaches and Kacee Flock Together

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More Photos of Peaches:

Video of Peaches:

Kacee contacted me through the Parrot Playgroup Meetup and I learned that she has a Moluccan Cockatoo. We arranged to meet at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. While waiting at the entrance of the park, I saw Kacee with her tricycle and a small cage on the back. I assumed it was Peaches in it.

We walked to their favorite spot at Lakeside where the pedal boats were. Kacee took out Peaches from her cage and she had beautiful light peach feathers. She seemed quite calm as she perched her on her shoulders. A minute after that, she started saying in a cute baby-like voice "Peekaboo. Peekaboo. Peekaboo.". Peaches was enjoying the park and the attention.

Where did you get Peaches?

I adopted Peaches at an animal rescue (Sean Casey) here in Brooklyn. I  think I was just browsing the website one day. And I decided to check out, 'cause I've been wanting to get a bird for 7 or 8 years.

Is she your first bird?

Yeah. Technically, she is. The first one I bonded one for a year. I was expecting my social security, but it didn't come through in time. And someone else got her. It's been like 8 years, and then, I found this one.

She was in a cage next to this two beautiful Indian Ringneck, bonded pair. So I really was flipping back and forth, but something kept me driving to this one here. But she was just clinging to the bars. Next thing you know, she started coming to me and reaching to me through the bars.

How old is she?

She turned 11 on June 16, 2014. July 1st, I adopted her. She is now 12 Years old.

(Peaches started talking "Ricky! Ricky! Ricky! - He is the man from the previous family)

So it's been a little over a year since you got her. So why birds? Why not a dog or a cat?

I've had cats and dogs. Quite frankly, it's an unfair deal with cats and dogs. I think they should live a lot longer than they do. It's pretty heartbreaking when you lose them.

(Peaches started dancing and kept saying "Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!)

Was there an adjustment period?

We pretty much covered that when I was going to the rescue and spending time with her. I would go 2-3 days a week for three weeks.

(Kacee told me a story when she bought a big parrot toy for Peaches.  And while she was trying to sit the parrot in bamboo cage, Peaches kept screaming. Then after a few minutes, out of the blue Peaches yelled, "What are you doin?".  She thought it was a real bird.  The toy bird is now in Peaches' cage.)

Describe her more. What's she like?

She is usually very reserved. Pretty quiet considering that Moluccans have a reputation for being screamers and loud. She's very talkative but she's not much of a screamer.

She loves music and she loves children. She likes to eat when we eat. And especially my food. This way she knows we are in the same flock. We have a flock family bond. 

Moluccan Cockatoos have an average lifespan of 65 years or more.  Kacee has found a feathered family that she can grow old with.  You might see Peaches and Kacee riding their tricycle in Prospect Park enjoying their time as a family flock together. 


Name: Peaches
Breed: Moluccan Cockatoo
Age: 12 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Prospect Park

Date Posted:  

July 26, 2015

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