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Pet Profile   Pet Profile

Riley Just Wants To Play With The Ball

Photos of just the pets are available for purchase:
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A portion of the profits will be donated to a local NYC shelter or ASPCA.

Please contact me if you are the pet owner and want access to all your photos.

More Photos of Riley:

Michelle was on her way to take Riley to the dog park. Riley is a five year old bluenose pitbull.

Where did you get Riley?

She's a rescue from the shelter, four years ago. 

What's she like?

She loves everything. She's very sweet. Her best friend is coming Cody.

She ran around the park happily with her best bud who is a husky. Michelle then gave Riley an orange ball and grabbed with her mouth.  She asked Riley to go up on the bench.  Riley followed and went up the bench but you could tell that she was excited to play ball with her friend.

Name: Riley
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 4.5 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

January 4, 2015

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