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She's Gotten Me Out Walking.

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More Photos of Shayna:

I came across Meredith and her beautiful black-furred puppy, Shayna.

What breed is your dog?

Lapsa Poodle. According to the internet, that's a new designer breed.

Why did you get Shayna?

Somebody we knew had her. And she'd gotten her as a dog for her granddaughter but kept her with her. And her granddaughter wasn't coming to see her that much. Her partner was kinda old style in taking care of her. She's a very loving dog, so she didn't think they were meeting her requirements. so she asked me to take her.

Have you had dogs before?

I haven't. My husband has. She's my first dog.

What is she like?

She's very loving. She's a little devious.

Devious in what way?

She loves human food. She knows I have a granola bar in my hand bag. She won't go for it when I'm there. She'll wait until I go and brush my teeth.

She likes to chew. She's gone through 4 sets of iphone headbuds, a pair of shoes.

Where'd you get her name?

In Yiddish, it means beautiful.

What has she added to your life?

She's gotten me out walking. When my daughter left for college, I was sort of getting inactive. So she really has gotten me back out again.

How often do you walk her?

Everyday. We usually go out in the morning for a long walk. Will either come here and go to the dog run or go to Central Park.


Name: Shayna
Breed: Lhasa Apso and Poodle Mix (Lhasapoo)
Age: 10 months old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Riverside Park, Upper West Side

Date Posted:  

July 24, 2015

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