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The Retired Mother Of Three Becomes A New Mom

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More Photos of Blanca:

By the fountain at Washington Square Park, Carmen and her Jack Russel Terrier were enjoying the late afternoon.  Carmen tells her story when she found her dog friend Blanca by chance.

Where did you get Blanca?

Actually, I was going home from work. I was talking on the phone with my
brother. Just as I hanged up, right on the corner of 37th Street and Fashion
Avenue, this woman dropped the dog while she was in the taxi. And I just
picked up the dog, and said, "You dropped your dog.". And she said, "I'd
rather she her dead than in the shelter.".

So I said, "I'd find her a home.". She's been with me for 7.5 years. I brought
her home and I was retiring soon.

So you have company now?

Well I am married and have three kids.

What's Blanca like?

I adore her. I would do anything for this little dog. She adjusted to me so
well and she showed me so much out of life.

Did you have dogs before?

Many many years ago. When I was growing up I had a dog. My daughter rescued a
dog and she's really a family dog. She's in Florida.

So Blanca, I wasn't ready to get a dog. She just came into my life and now she
is everything.

She's sweet and very calm.

Well if she sees a dog (she gets excited). But she just got a bath and she's a little bit beside

When Blanca accidentally came into Carmen's life, she was about to retire and
her kids are all grown ups. She was destined to be a mother again, but this
time to an adorable pooch.

Name: Blanca
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Age: 8 Years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Washington Square Park

Date Posted:  

July 3, 2015

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