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The Three Amigos

Photos of just the pets are available for purchase:
  • Downloads (various sizes)
  • Prints (paper, mounted, framed)
  • Keepsakes (mug, stickers, etc.)
  • Greeting Cards

A portion of the profits will be donated to a local NYC shelter or ASPCA.

Please contact me if you are the pet owner and want access to all your photos.

More Photos of Rudy and Cargo:

Trevor tells the story of his two dogs, Rudy (chihuahua) and Cargo (beagle mix) . 

How old are they?

Cargo is 8 and Rudy is 7. They are both rescues.

Can you describe their personalities?

Rudy is shy in public but he is like a lover at home. Cargo likes everybody and is really loud. Cargo likes to chase other dogs and Rudy doesn't like other dogs at all. They like to eat all the time.

Why did you get dogs?

It's nice to have a dog to come home to.

Are they your first pet as an adult?

No, I had dogs as an adult. And they're great.

(Then I noticed that Cargo finally stoppped moving around and I was able to snap a photo of him. Then he backed off when he heard the shutter)

And I said to Cargo, "Sorry. Did I surprise you?"

Surpisingly well behaved, most of the time...

Do you have a favorite?

It changes from day to day. That depends if they do something bad, then I like the other one. They like to play and stuff. They've been together their whole lives. They get along well together.

Oh you mean when you adopted them...

They were already together.

And now, there are two dogs and a guy that get along well together - the three amigos.

Name: Rudy and Cargo
Breed: Chihuahua (Rudy) and Beagle mix (Cargo)
Age: 7 and 8 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

December 11, 2015

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