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We Were Suddenly Dog Owners!

Another Photo of Nanu and Kairo:

Natasha was walking her two large breed dogs and was nice to stop for an interview about her pets.  The bigger dog Kairo approached me and the other one, Nanu barked at me.  Natasha explained that normally Kairo is the timid one and Nanu is the friendlier one even though she is a barker.

When asked where she got them, Natasha answered, "We found them on the street in Houston when we lived there for a year.  They were wandering the streets. The whole neighborhood kinda got together to find their owners. None of them have microchips. We posted their photos on craigslist. We just couldn't find their owners. So we were suddenly dog owners.".

Ironically, Natasha is an advocate of adopting senior dogs.  But they found them when they were only two years old. 

Sometimes, things don't exactly happen the way you want, but you realize it works out just fine. It's been over two years since Natasha and her boyfriend found them and they seem to be happy together.

Name: Nanu and Kairo
Breed: New Foundland and Golden Retriever (Kairo)
and English Black Labrador (Nanu)
Age: 2 years old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Clinton - Midtown West

Date Posted:  

September 13, 2014

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