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Turtle Needs A New Loving Home (NYC Area)

Another Photo of Murdock :

Murdock actually just turned 9 years old this month.  He's almost 6 inches long and a great little guy. I've had him since he was the size of a quarter.  Currently, he's living in a 40 gallon rubbermaid stock tank with a Fulval 305 canister filter and a heater.  I will gladly supply all the stuff if someone would adopt him and give him a great home.  I also have a few syphons for the water. 

He's never been sick or complained about anything.  I give him feeder fish on special occasions and rarely take him outside. (I used to let him walk around on the lawn for a while but it's been at least a few years). 

Unfortunately, we have a very demanding young son and we are having trouble keeping up with Murdock’s needs. My husband Mike is the primary caregiver. He has an great aquatic set up for Murdock that we would be happy to give to his new family.

If interested, please contact Mike.  (NYC area)

Name: Murdock
Breed: Red Eared Slider
Age: 9 Years Old  (@time of posting)
Gender: Male
Location:   Union Square

Date Posted:  

September 14, 2015

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