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Nanook Brought A Couple Together And Now Part Of A Growing Family

More Photos of Nanook:

Thanksgiving Day 2014 - I had a chance to catch up with my cousin Darren and his wife Emalyn.  During our chat, I decided to feature their family pet Nanook, a teacup Maltese.

When did you get Nanook?

We got her the day after Darren and I came back from Aruba.

Was this after you were married?

Before we were married. Years ago... 2006. Darren was already living at his apartment, so we decided as a couple, we were going to adopt a dog and take care of the dog together. It was like the next step in our relationship. So Nanook had been our first baby.

Where did you get Nanook?

We got her at a pet store. We were actually interested in her brother. But the brother wasn't as hyper or as cheerful as Nanook. We bonded more with her. The pet store owner said that she came from a championship breed.

Why did you name her Nanook?

From the dog in the movie The Lost Boys. And also, Nanook is a polar bear (Inuit mythology), and she was white. Darren potty trained her.

Were there any health scare?

About five years ago, she had a hernia and had an operation.

I remember the first time I saw her here, she was energetic and so small...

She was less than two pounds. She was tiny, she could fit in your pocket. She brought me and Darren together. Nanook was there when Darren proposed to me.

Emalyn and Darren married in 2009.  Now, they have a family: Ethan 
is 2.5 years old and Emerson Kate was born last April.

When they were leaving, they had to load a lot of things in their car. Darren handed me a bag and a pet carrier with Nanook in it. Ethan started crying and thought that I was going to take their dog. It was obvious that Ethan cares about Nanook.

Nanook started out as a boyfriend/girlfriend pet. And then, she brought the couple even
closer together.  Now, she is a vital part of a happy and growing family!

Name: Nanook
Breed: Teacup Maltese
Age: May 26, 2006 - 8 Years Old   (@time of posting)
Gender: Female
Location:   Rego Park

Date Posted:  

November 27, 2014

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